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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

American Window Restoration

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With a specialized focus on restoring the charm of old windows and doors, American Window Restoration is one of the premier restoration companies in Los Angeles. Whether you're looking to enhance your property's appeal, restore historic wood doors, or upgrade your screen doors in Los Angeles, our skilled and friendly team is here to assist you. Explore the FAQs below to find answers about our restoration and repair services, and discover how we can help you bring new life to your property!


Window Restoration and Repair Services in Los Angeles

At American Window Restoration, we focus on breathing new life into historic windows. With expertise spanning more than 16 years, we specialize in preserving the beauty and functionality of vintage windows. Whether it's historic window restoration, wood window repair, or addressing specific issues like our crank window repairs, we are your trusted partner.

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Question: When can I expect to receive an estimate for historic window restoration in Los Angeles?

Answer: We provide complimentary estimates every Saturday.

Question: Do you offer glazing services as part of the window restoration process?

Answer: Yes, we offer glazing services for an additional hourly fee.

Question: Is there a warranty provided with your window restoration and repair services?

Answer: Yes, we offer a 3-year warranty on our restoration work.

Question: Are you capable of crafting new wood windows and doors during the restoration process?

Answer: Absolutely, we specialize in crafting new wood windows and doors to complement your restoration.

Question: Can you perform repairs on vinyl windows in Los Angeles?

Answer: Yes, we offer a tune-up service that restores functionality to vinyl windows.

Question: Do you undertake repairs for aluminum windows as part of your services?

Answer: Yes, we offer a tune-up service that restores functionality to aluminum windows.

Double Hung Window Restoration

in Los Angeles

Our double hung historic window restoration services cater to preserving the charm of historic double hung windows. We specialize in bringing back the beauty and functionality of these timeless architectural elements.

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Question: What is your current availability for historic window restoration services?

Answer: Presently, we have a waitlist of approximately three to four months.

Question: Can you work with contractors on larger projects?

Answer: Certainly. We're equipped to collaborate with contractors on projects involving double-hung windows.

Casement Picture Window Restoration

Experience how professionally restored casement and picture windows can make a difference in your life. We can optimize these window types to be both charming and sturdy in their protection.

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Question: Do you repair broken glass in windows other than those undergoing restoration?

Answer: We only repair broken glass in windows that are part of the restoration project. For standalone glass repair, we recommend contacting your local glass and mirror shop.

Question: Are these restoration services suitable for older properties?

Answer: Yes. We specialize in restoring windows for older businesses, homes, apartments, townhomes, and historic sites.

Doors / Screen Doors

Elevate the appeal of your home with expertly restored custom wood doors and screen doors. Our restoration process ensures that these essential components retain their beauty and integrity for years to come.

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Question: Can you customize the restoration to match the style of my home?

Answer: Absolutely. We understand the importance of preserving the authenticity of your home's design.

Question: Do you offer painting services?

Answer: No, we do not offer painting services.

We look forward to working with you!