Commercial Window Restoration

Commercial Window Restoration

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Our mission is to preserve the architectural legacy of iconic structures in Long Beach, California. As a restoration specialist, we focus on larger-scale projects including those in the commercial realm. Whether it's a church with magnificent stained glass windows or a commercial property with grand double-hung windows, we are committed to enhancing their beauty, energy efficiency, and functionality. Entrust us with your vision, and together, we'll restore the past while embracing the future.

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Why Choose American Window Restoration for Commercial Window Restoration?

Expertise: With a wealth of experience in commercial window restoration, we understand the intricate details that define these larger projects. From historical accuracy to modern efficiency, our team is skilled in balancing aesthetics and functionality.

Customization: We recognize that each business, property, or church has distinct architectural requirements. Our team collaborates with you to devise a restoration plan that reflects your vision while maintaining the authenticity of the original design.

Double-Hung Window Restoration: Our restoration prowess extends to double-hung windows, a traditional design that slides open upwards. We specialize in retaining their historic charm while enhancing their operation and energy efficiency, making them a perfect fit for your larger-scale project.

Casement and Picture Window Restoration: Casement and picture windows, known for their outward opening, are restored to their original splendor under our care.

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The American Window Restoration Advantage

Quality Craftsmanship: Our restoration artisans ensure the highest level of quality as we restore your window to its original grace.

Energy Efficiency: We incorporate modern techniques and materials to enhance the energy efficiency of restored windows, helping you reduce costs while enjoying a comfortable interior environment.

Historic Preservation: Our approach to commercial window restoration emphasizes historical accuracy. We are passionate about preserving the unique character of your property.

Restoring More Than Windows

At American Window Restoration, we believe in restoring not just windows but also the stories and memories they hold. From the replacement of damaged glass to the careful refinishing of window frames, we bring a blend of artistry and expertise to every project. The delicate intricacies of historic windows, often overlooked by other restoration companies in Los Angeles, are at the heart of our work.


Experience Affordable Excellence

As advocates of accessibility, we understand the importance of affordability in the restoration process. Our competitive prices and free quotes on Saturdays provide you with the transparency you deserve. By choosing American Window Restoration, you're investing in not only your property's appearance but also its historical significance.

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Elevate your business, multi-family property, or church with the distinguished touch of American Window Restoration. Let us bring your vision to life, marrying historical charm with modern comfort. Contact us today to discuss your commercial window restoration project!

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