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Are you tired of struggling with sticky and hard-to-open double-hung windows? Do you have broken balancers or ropes, or windows that are painted shut? If so, American Window Restoration is here to help. Our expert team specializes in double-hung window restoration in Orange County, bringing new life to old wooden frames. With our professional window restoration services, we can ensure that your windows look and function like new, preserving their historic charm while improving their functionality.

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Professional Wood Restoration

At American Window Restoration, we understand that restoring vintage and historic wooden window frames is a delicate process that requires careful attention to detail. That's why we pride ourselves on offering professional double-hung window restoration services. Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and high-quality materials to restore your wooden frames to their original beauty and functionality.


Signs Your Double Hung Windows Need Restoration

It's essential to recognize the signs that your double-hung windows require restoration and repair. Some common indicators include sticky or hard-to-open windows, broken balancers or ropes, and windows that are painted shut. Additionally, if you notice drafts, air leaks, or rattling when your windows are closed, it may be time to consider restoration. By addressing these issues, you can enhance the functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your windows.

Our Double Hung Window Services

American Window Restoration offers a range of double-hung window restoration services to meet your specific needs. These services include:


Weather Stripping

We install high-quality weather stripping to reduce noise, air, and dust infiltration, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.


Balancer and Rope Replacement

Our skilled technicians can replace broken balancers and ropes, ensuring smooth and effortless operation of your double-hung windows.


Glass Replacement

If your windows have cracked or inefficient glass, we can replace it with energy-efficient options. This not only improves insulation but also reduces outside noise, creating a more peaceful home.


Full Restoration Services

In addition to individual window repairs, we offer complete restoration services, including glazing and refinishing. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your double-hung windows are restored to their original beauty and functionality.

Why Restoration Over Brand New Installation?

While the idea of brand-new windows might be tempting, restoration offers several advantages over replacement. First and foremost, restoration allows you to maintain the historic and architectural integrity of your property. Preserving the original wooden frames and craftsmanship contributes to the overall charm and value of your property. Additionally, restoration is often more cost-effective than installing new windows, especially for historic or unique window designs.

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Our Services are Perfect for Any Property

No matter the type of property you own, our double-hung window restoration services are perfect for you. We understand the unique needs and challenges that different properties present, and our highly skilled team is equipped to handle them all.

For historic homes, preserving the original architectural features and materials is our top priority. We recognize the importance of maintaining the authenticity and charm of these vintage windows while improving their functionality. Our restoration process ensures that your double-hung windows retain their historic character while meeting modern standards of durability and energy efficiency.

Commercial buildings often have unique window designs and sizes that require specialized restoration techniques. With our experience in working on various commercial projects, such as office buildings and retail spaces, our team understands the importance of maintaining a professional and visually appealing appearance while maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.

Residential properties of all sizes can benefit from our double-hung window restoration services. Whether you have a small apartment or a large estate, our expertise in wood window restoration will enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows. We take the time to listen to your needs and provide customized solutions that suit your style and preferences.

Why Partner with American Window Restoration?

When it comes to double hung window restoration in Orange County, American Window Restoration is the premier choice. Here's why you should partner with us:


Expertise and Experience

With over 16 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to tackle any restoration project. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Attention to Detail

We understand the importance of preserving the historic look of your windows. Our meticulous approach and use of materials that match the original design guarantee an authentic.


Comprehensive Services

From weather stripping and balancer replacement to glazing and refinishing, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your double-hung window restoration needs.


High-Quality Materials

We use only the finest materials to ensure the longevity and durability of your restored windows. Our commitment to quality ensures that your windows will look and function great for years to come.

Don't let your double-hung windows continue to deteriorate. Trust the experts at American Window Restoration to bring back their original beauty and functionality. With our professional window restoration services, you can preserve the historic charm of your home while improving energy efficiency and comfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and transform your double-hung windows in Orange County.

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