How Old Should A Door Be Before I Restore It?

Determining the ideal age for restoring a door is not solely on its age, but rather on its condition. While older doors are likely to require restoration, it’s essential to assess your doors for specific signs that would indicate a need for this service. In this blog, American Restoration Windows will explore various indications that your wooden doors need restoration in Los Angeles. If your home or business is in need of window and door restoration, contact us today.


Watermarks & Blemishes

When your door is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period it can cause watermarks and blemishes. This results in discoloration, staining, and mold growth. If left untreated water damage will compromise the structure of your door. Luckily, woodwork restoration is available and involves repairing underlying damage and applying a protective finish.


Wood Rot

Another possible issue from prolonged exposure to moisture is wood rot. This fungal growth can accumulate on your wooden door, weakening the structure and affecting its functionality. When wooden door restoration is needed in Los Angeles, professionals remove the affected area and treat the wood to eliminate fungus.


Existing Finish Cracking or Peeling

Has there been cracking and peeling of the existing finish of your door? This may require restoration services as exposure to sunlight and fluctuating temperatures can cause the finish on your door to deteriorate. When a team of professionals restores your door, the process involves stripping the old finish and applying a new one.


The Door is not Operating Correctly

When doors start aging they begin to stop working properly, which can indicate various underlying issues. From misaligned hinges and loose or broken hardware to issues with the door frame these factors can contribute to improper functioning of your door. Wooden door restoration may involve realigning the door or replacing the hardware to ensure smooth operation.

The decision to invest in door restoration services in Los Angeles depends on the age of the door but also the condition. Take the time to assess each of your home or businesses door to ensure they are properly functioning. If you are in need of window or door restoration services, contact American Window Restoration today!

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