5 Types of Damage that Window Repair and Restoration Can Fix

Window repair and restoration can be a cost-effective solution to address various types of damage and extend the lifespan of your windows. American Window Restoration specializes in comprehensive window repair and restoration services in Southern California that can fix a wide range of issues. Learn about five types of damage that window repair and restoration services can fix below, and call today.

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Cracked Window

Broken or Cracked Glass:

Whether it's due to impact, age, or extreme weather conditions, broken or cracked glass is a common problem with windows. American Window Restoration can replace damaged glass panes, ensuring that your windows regain their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Wooden framed window

Rotting Wood Frames:

Over time, wooden window frames can deteriorate due to moisture exposure, causing wood rot. Our team of experts can repair and restore rotted wood frames, reinforcing their structural integrity and preventing further damage.

Man cold with a blanket on in house

Drafts and Air Leaks:

Drafty windows can lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures, reduced energy efficiency, and increased utility bills. Window repair and restoration services can help identify and fix gaps, cracks, and worn weatherstripping, ensuring a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Woman opening a window

Stuck or Difficult-to-Operate Windows:

If you struggle to open or close your windows, it could be due to worn-out hardware or misaligned tracks. American Window Restoration can repair and realign windows, making them easy to use and improving their functionality.

Condensation on window

Foggy or Condensation-Prone Glass:

Double-pane windows sometimes develop condensation or fog between the glass panes, indicating a broken seal. Call our Southern California window restoration company today.

Our Comprehensive Services

American Window Restoration provides expert repair and restoration services for various types of window damage, as well as door repair and restoration and screen door repair and restoration. In addition, services are not limited to repairing a single window, door, or screen door. We can restore and repair every window in your building.

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